Game Review: Angels of Death 殺戮の天使


Hello there! It’s been some time since we met on the last post. Today, i would like to review this game, Angels of Death 殺戮の天使 to everyone out there!

This is an offline game so you can play it even when there is no internet connection. I get to know this game as I’ve saw some YouTuber had played this game and it actually got my attention to play it!

The game is categorized as Horror, RPG and Adventure. All you need to do is to solve things out and get out of the building!

The overall storyline is very interesting and also there are some unexpected things had turned out which makes it even more exciting! Well, the unexpected things is….. −WAIT! NO SPOILERS ALLOWED!!!

Oh, the sound effect and opening theme are just perfect for the game itself.

So, why don’t you try out the game and find it out yourself!


“Where to get the game?”

The below are some links for you to purchase/download the game.


Mobile Apps: *only Japanese Language


Play Store:

satsu banner


A 13 year-old girl named Ray wakes up in the basement of a building with no memory of how she got there and unaware of the reasons behind her predicament. Wandering around the building aimlessly in search of a way out, she crosses paths with Zack − a psycho killer with his face bandaged − wielding a scythe.

“Please − kill me.”

“If you help me get outta here, then I’ll kill you.”

The bond between them deepens, driven by their demented promise. What kind of hell have they found themselves in? For what purpose are they imprisoned? What does fate have in store for them?

Facing imminent death, the two begin their escape from the sealed building!

From the creator 星屑KRNKRN(真田まこと) of the famous horror game, Forest of Drizzling Rain 霧雨が降る森 new work, Angels of Death 殺戮の天使 was released! 

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First, let me give you a hand with some game walkthrough/Hints….


This is the game title (picture on the left) and the game controls (Picture on the right). *PC Version


App System control
*For Mobile Apps Version*

Let’s Begin!

You will see this scene when you start the game……..

Scene 1

 Don’t be panic! You will just need to investigate all the details in order to solve the mystery!

Just in case if you are lost, you may refer to Hint 1 ↓

Hint 1: Look for this room and investigate the reflection on the mirror! 

Step get key

Great job! Now, after acquiring the key, you should proceed to the next steps…..


Oops! You might be facing some trouble here but fear not! Hint 2 is always for you….

Hint 2: Run to the room on your bottom Right and once enter to the room, run towards the room on your left and HIDE in the locker where you get the bag of snacks for the bird!!

PS: Remember to use SHIFT to run as this will help you to escape faster!

 And now, you are safe!

Make sure you Save all your progress during the game!

You are good to go to another floor now….

This floor will be a bit challenging as you will need to escape in the dark! So, Hint 3 is here to save your day!

Hint 3: Go straight, turn LEFT and take the 2nd path; RUSH to the end and take the LAST path and exit the maze. Then RUN towards the Switch to turn on the lights! 

PS: I cropped out the picture once I finished this stage. Sorry to creep you all out for the 2 same character in the picture 🙂

Eddie Maze Complete


I hope you will find all these pictures useful when you’re stuck!


That’s all for today! The above are the Hints that I would like to share with you!
I will leave the rest to you to explore out! Have Fun!

Hope you enjoy the game!

Feel free to comment if you have any games that you would want me to try out!


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